Website Design


We have web designers on hand to make your business presence ONLINE. We advocate simplicity as the best way ahead for small business / home business to launch their products and services. As such we recommend to use almost free / low cost WORDPRESS platform websites for web building and hosting.

If YOU are one of these groups of extraordinary individuals / organisations, time to consider putting your business on the WORLD WIDE WEB, accessible to millions of people! It’s easy!

  • Newly started business with no presence online. Example are “brick and mortar” shops or ‘real’ shops in the housing estates, shopping centres etc. We can create an informative website providing all the necessary information, products/services and contacts for your newly started business.
  • Newly started home business / blogshops with Facebook page or Instagram profile, intending to extend your ‘traction’ on the internet – a wider audience for your products/services. We can explore ‘shopping carts’ options on your website for online orders and increase the interaction and shopping experience with your FB or Instagram fans.
  • Established business considering expansion of their business online to other businesses or consumers. We can either create ‘informative’ websites and/or incorporating shopping carts.
  • Newly formed organisations (charity / social / hobby groups etc), exploring their outreach online.
  • Extraordinary individuals who want to share with the world their stories / aspirations / interests etc.

Website design process

Generally we have 7 stages involved for every web design project:

7stages website design

We will be on hand every stage along the way to ensure your needs, objectives and preferences for your website are met.

  1. Initial meet up consists of a one-on-one meetings with our prospective clients (applicable to Singapore clients only). We have a casual chat to know your branding, vision and general knowledge of your products/services.
  2. Concept stage consists of discussion (through emails/handphone communication) getting into the overall ‘look’ of your website. We also offer logo design services, if you need one.
  3. Design stage is where we get into the nitty gritty things of colours/themes and seamless ideas for your website. We will ensure that the website is truly unique according to your individual tastes.
  4. Development stage is where the web designer will work on layouts, tools, overall ‘feel’ of the website to ensure an enjoyable experience for every site visitor to your website.
  5. Content stage is where the client will normally pass on valuable information and graphics/pictures that truly matters to every page of the website. Our web designer will incorporate these information carefully to represent the client’s interests.
  6. Test stage: Once every page / post, including the home page of the website is ready, we will conduct back-end tests to ensure the website operates well on a laptop / tablet and even handphones.
  7. Launch stage is the final stage where we will promote the new website on various applicable platforms like Facebook or Instagram or even let the search engines eg. Google index your website and make it “Google-lable!”. Enjoy!

Website design platform


Almost 20% of the world websites nowadays are powered by WORDPRESS. They are extremely popular due to their fuss-free concept and ease to use. Our team of web designers can develop your company’s / small business website at a low cost, with WORDPRESS providing many free / low cost features.

Website costs

Here at New Boss Labs, we understand that most of our clients are starting up their businesses and therefore we charge very competitive web design rates. Do not worry! Please contact us for discussion.

Websites, on the contrary of many people opinions, do not cost much to run at all. Here are sample costs that you expect to keep any website on the World Wide Web as long as you intend to.

“” hosted websites

  • If you are a concerned individual regarding costs, you can use a FREE domain, for example, eg. – the address we initially started with. Yearly web hosting is also FREE. They are good enough for any businesses informative websites.
  • WordPress offers unique domain (website address) at USD $18 per year. They are good enough for any businesses informative websites, which prefers a ‘unique’ identity. A unique domain is, for example ! Yearly web hosting is also FREE.
  • WordPress websites offer many FREE themes (layouts for your websites). Some special themes will cost you a one time payment of USD $79. However, our web designers will always work around the FREE themes to give you a good quality website at all instances, unless special request from clients.

“” hosted websites

  • For those who require more functions like calendar bookings, shopping carts, affiliate banners, advertisement etc, we recommend using “” hosted websites. This platform has more flexibility in plugins and also offers more FREE themes to use. Some special themes will also cost you a similar one time payment of USD $79. However, this platform will require another external web hosting service, for example “Bluehost” that charge as low as USD $4 per month to host your website, which includes a unique domain too. See, it is cheap!

Note: These prices are accurate as per December 2014. New Boss Labs representative will guide you in registering with these accounts. Clients in Singapore are normally encouraged to meet us to setup these accounts TOGETHER. YOU will have total ownership of your website, long after our web design work and launch is done. We believe in empowering individuals to take charge of their online presence in a long time to come. Please contact us for further enquiries.