Logo designs

With our team of graphic designers, we are able to create logos and branding for your new business. Just provide us with your vision of the business, personal favourite colours, styling and any necessary ‘centre of attention’ and your logo will be ready for you in just a few days! Low costs too!

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Contact us if you have made orders above and any other enquiries. We will need details such as:

  1. Your name.
  2. Logo text (name of your company / organisation).
  3. Colours preferences.
  4. Main ‘object’ of focus in logo or any existing source of inspiration to be customized into your logo.
  5. Any company ‘tagline’ to be included in the logo,
  6. ‘Modern’ or ‘Retro’ styling.

Note: We will provide . jpg picture formats and .ai or .psd raw formats, if available from our respective designers. We will allow maximum 2 revisions of the logo, if necessary.

Below are samples of logos we have created:

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